Emperor Angelfish yg.

This young fella lives at “Ukibaru North” was super shy and never came out of a tiny hole a month ago. Now he is full of confidence, curious, and willing to explore the world. I fully understand little fella! been there, done that 😉 Don’t… Read More »Emperor Angelfish yg.

Juvenile Threadfin Butterflyfish

Met this cute juvenile while researching a new divesite off beach. about a size of 3cm, floating above the seabed of 1m deep. Loving and enjoying every little encounter with marinelifes 🙂

Back in business

We are almost out of the tunnel, stormy weather calmed right down this morning, able to stick up gigantic SSI flags. YES! we are back in business 🙂

Saddleback clownfish

I hope this beautiful family survives this upcoming typhoon. I told them it might be too shallow to have quiet life here. See you in guys in a week 🙂