Welcome to URUMA SCUBA

Uruma Scuba is located on Henza Island, Uruma City, Okinawa. Newly opened in July 2021.
Taking guests from all over the globe 7days a week all year around, to the Uruma Barrier Reef off the coast of Uruma, including Ikeiji Island, Miyagi Island, Henza Island and Hamahiga Island, as well as Kin bay and Nakagusuku bay.

Uruma Scuba is an official partner of SSI (Scuba Schools International), world second biggest training agency.
In addition, Uruma Scuba is the only “Diamond Center” and “Instructor Training Center” in Japan, achieving all the strict requirements to be recognized as one of the best in the world.
We care about each one of you and throwing 100% everyday to meet individual needs.

We welcome all divers from divers just entered this sport, all the way to professional divers and freedivers.
We also take people with zero experience to a very first time introductory dives or guided snorkel tour.

A highly skilled and experienced dive staff will make your day a very special day 🙂

What is Uruma Barrier Reef

Out of three different coral reefs, coral reefs formed away from the coast are called “barrier reef”.
The Uruma Barrier Reef, one of the few barrier reefs in Japan, extends off the coast of Uruma City. It is an area of about 15 km length from the southern tip of Miyagi Island to the southern tip of Tsuken Island. Although it is very small compared to the world famous Great Barrier Reef, it has the advantage of condensing the attractions.
The biggest feature of the barrier reef is that the reef system function as wave break wall, breaks the swells and waves from the open water, as you can imagine from the name “Barrier Reef”.
The inner and outer ecosystems are different, and the Uruma Barrier Reef boasts one of the world’s rarest biodiversity.
In addition to the Uruma Barrier Reef, fringing reefs spread along the coasts of Ikei Island, Miyagi Island, and Hamahiga Island, providing an environment where juvenile fish of various species can grow just like a nursery.

Whether you are an experience diver, loves photography, dynamic caves, fish watching, or just want to relax in the clear water, the diverse and “interesting” seas of Uruma meet the needs of every single one of you 😀

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