Swallow in Blue Water

Yesterday, we dived at Tsuken Fishing Reef while the typhoon swelled. The surface of the water was a little noisy, but when I entered the water, it was as quiet as if I had hit water (is it natural …). In addition to the fish… Read More »Swallow in Blue Water

Emperor Angelfish yg.

This young fella lives at “Ukibaru North” was super shy and never came out of a tiny hole a month ago. Now he is full of confidence, curious, and willing to explore the world. I fully understand little fella! been there, done that 😉 Don’t… Read More »Emperor Angelfish yg.

Juvenile Threadfin Butterflyfish

Met this cute juvenile while researching a new divesite off beach. about a size of 3cm, floating above the seabed of 1m deep. Loving and enjoying every little encounter with marinelifes 🙂

Back in business

We are almost out of the tunnel, stormy weather calmed right down this morning, able to stick up gigantic SSI flags. YES! we are back in business 🙂