Winter solstice, means we are heading to summer!

Today is the winter solstice.

The “Winter Solstice”, which is a day with a shorter daytime in a year, is said to be the beginning of the winter officially, but if you look at it, the daytime will be longer every day from tomorrow! In other words, from tomorrow, we are heading to summer. Where the sun rises will slowly shifting to North till it hits the longest daytime in June! 😀

Yesterday, we had an open water training dive 1&2 @ Hamahiga Island. The water temperature was still 21 degrees, the visibility was crystal clear and lots of marine lives. Diving season is not finished yet in Okinawa. If you want to see the most clear water in Okinawa, please come and join us today 🙂

“Ukibaru North” the day before yesterday, over 30m visibility, another great day of diving

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